5 most efficient ways of stress management for everyone

Everyone takes stress but because of faster life it has become a major sickness to deal with. Try these 5 methods and reduce your stress level:

  1. Regular exercise- everyone knows that regular physical exercise gives you ample of health benefits. That is why yoga becomes famous day by day. In fact, UN has started celebrating world Yoga day on 2nd of June. Many countries are using it at the diplomatic level to maintain health international relations.
  2. Maintain stress diary- friends, very few people know that maintaining stress diary will reduce the stress as the person will come to know what triggers stress in him or her and what are the relaxation points in his or her life. The person will be able to avoid stress-causing events in his or her life.
  3. Eat healthy food- it has been scientifically proven that junk food increases the stress by acting on neurons of the mind. So having the healthy eating habit is essential to reduce the stress. That helps not only in relieving stress but will also improve the general health of the person.
  4. Have adequate sleep- lack of sleep is a very common cause of anxiety and stress. 8 hours sleep is must for every person. When the person is asleep, his or her neurons get relaxed from the biological point of view. (no new neurons are made after 5 years of age). Because of faster life and overburden of work, the individual does not take a full sleep.
  5. Avoid excessive intake of mood determiners- alcohol to some extent relieves the stress. But in excess quantity, it starts giving you stress. So avoid the alcohol. Also avoid caffeine or other mood determiners as they inculcate bad habits in you so ultimately increase your stress.


These are 5 most common ways to avoid stress. There are many other ways like consulting the physician, trying relaxation methods etc. But above described 5 methods are for everyone; whether the person is healthy and wants to remain healthy or the person is having stress and wants to relive it.