A few decades ago life was not so interactive for youth but today’s youth remains engaged with the world all the time. This is possible through social media which has become a necessity in the lives of youth. It has revolutionized the lifestyle of youth; provide lots of benefits but at the same time makes youth vulnerable to many dangers. These are briefly discussed below:



  • Social networking-

The obvious impact of social media is building strong social networks. Employers and employees find each other on social media sites. Additional friends are made that are far from the geographic point of view but present in front of you through social media channels.


  • Spread and enhance education –

Students make online groups at these social media sites and prepare even for civil services. it reduces the distance between teachers and students. Additionally, the access to education material becomes easy for the students who cannot access that generally due to economic reasons.


  • Increase political participation-

It has been proved through a study that people intend to vote if they see their online peers voting in elections. Plus outreach to first-time voters become easy as election commission is celebrating voters day in 2018 for the teenagers who were born on 1st January 2000. Plus it makes democracy stronger as youth keep vigil over political activities. Ultimately, it increases the transparency and brings accountability in the work of authorities.



Every development or agent has its own pros and cons. Similarly, social media provide some negative effects also. These are as follows-

  • Increased involvement in crime-

The world has seen how terrorist organization ISIS was able to recruit youth in its terrorist activities all over the world. It incited youth towards lone wolf attacks and claimed lives of many innocent people. Through social media, youth get in touch with criminal activities due to access to a criminal background. It has also been proved by the study that social media harbors crime and criminals.


  • low performance in school and work

Instead of concentrating on studies and work, youth keep looking at the messages and blogs posted by their friends on the social media sites like facebook, twitter etc.  On the one side, social media increases the level of engagement at work, helps in business through easy communication but on the other level, it brings casualness in studies and work.


  • Make mind tired –

Multitasking can be considered as a talent to some extent only; overburden with tweets and messages make your mind tired. Neurons are damaged which are not formed again in life (they are formed at the age of 5 years only).


  • Make you habitual to certain things-

Social media is itself a habitual asset and it has been proved that alcohol consumption and smoking are directly proportional to use of social media. It also makes you eat more at any time you text about food, automatically hunger is triggered. The world is already moving towards obesity and social media is playing a complementary role in it.