In a recent development, NGT passed the order against construction activities in Himachal pradesh so should we think that environment and development can not go together? No. Environment concerns are not against mankind. They can go hand in hand.

Carbon footprint has become major concern and world is grappling with its problems. But carbon footprint can be made without affecting the carbon balance in the system by compensating the same amount of carbon back in the environment reserves. This will yield economic results also like placing carbon back into deep oceans through growing essential marine life will provide the depleting sea food to the mankind, plus it will place the carbon back into reserves. Sea food or marine life is the major factor in sustaining the economy of certain countries like Japan which has no natural resources except surrounding sea and oceans.


Flouting environmental norms pay us dear. The money spent each year on catastrophic consequences of global imbalance is far more than we spend on rectify our already committed mistakes from environment point of view. Extreme incidences are increasing day by day for example untimely rain in Chennai, frequent earthquakes and cyclones, less winter in December. Snow is very essential for ripening of wheat in rabi season at Himalayas, but continuous global warming is resulting in melting of the glaciers of Himalayas that ultimately results in rising of water level in the ocean. We are spending more on adaptability as compared to development, directly or indirectly. If same amount of money we spend on correcting the environment mistakes we shall get the pure air , pure water and lots of materials. That will save our regular time and cost we spend on grappling with air and water pollution. Each year Punjab farmers spend 50000 to 1 lakh rs. extra to dug their tube-wells deep as the water level in Punjab is continuously going down. So spending on environment will complement the development, it is not against the mankind but in favor of it.