How to resubmit a good quality assignment when you have failed once?


Dear friends, if you have knowledge and passion for writing, you can earn good amount from your writing skills. Leave your writing prints on the paper or computer, so that you get work of your passion; plus you earn good amount of money. There are many sites that provide assignment work to the experts, you just have to do that work and earn the money.

But it’s not uncommon for new freebies to face the rejection of assignment. This is the very common thing; practice makes a man perfect so do not panic if your assignment is rejected or there have been found mistakes. Everyone commits mistakes at the level of beginning; no one becomes perfect in the first instance.

Rejection is a part of writing. So what to do in those circumstances?

As said no need to panic; if the assignment has come for resubmission, find out your mistakes. First of all, you can have look at plagiarism. Plagiarism can be defined as stealing the someone else’ data and writing or claiming it as your own. Sometimes we like the line or phrase from the paragraph of other writer and copy that in our own document.

This is wrong method to write; if you want to add the statement of another writer, put that in the in-text citation. There are different styles of citations like Harvard, APA, and Turabian etc. Make sure that you choose the one recommended by the client; if a client has not recommended any style of citation, you should either ask him for the one or use APA as that is the most commonly used style in academic writing. To prevent plagiarism, do not use three words collectively in a statement. Better is to avoid that sentence but if you cannot avoid write or mold the sentence in your own words that will help to avoid plagiarism.

Remember, there is a lot of data on the internet; even if you write in your own words, your words or sentence can get matched with the content already present on the internet so you should check the document for plagiarism in software tools like Grammarly. There are many other tools available in which you can check the plagiarism. Less than 10% plagiarism is acceptable to most of the clients so you can have that much edge.

Next thing the client often sees in the assignment is the fulfillment of requirements. Even if you the best content in the answer file but does not make it according to the requirements or guidelines stated by the client, the answer file is of no use for the client. Make sure that all the points mentioned in the question template are addressed with the proper format.

Make sure that length of the assignment is according to the prescribed word length. If the client asks for 500 words you must write around 550 words to be on the safe side. Additionally, some clients check the word count on MS word but some check at the location where a document is stored. Both have the difference in terms of word count so make sure that you have counted the words according to the preference of the client. Generally, in-text citations and references are not counted among the words written so if the client has asked you to write 500 words, it should be excluding in-text citations and references.

Then you need to take concern about grammar; sometimes client want writing like a native writer so you have to have impeccable grammar. Make sure that you do not commit any mistake in grammar. You can read few most famous books on the grammar and after completion of the answers file; you should check the one in software tools. Here again, Grammarly helps you a lot. There are different kinds of language in America and Britain or Australia. Use the one from where client belongs to or the one which the client has recommended. Otherwise, there would be spelling errors and mistakes in sentence formation.

Sometimes client demands complex writing with strong words but generally, there is need of simple language. Plus creativity is the one every client wants in his or her document so make your style creative and write according to the instructions provided by the client. Do not use weak or simple words if a client has demanded strong language or vice-versa.

Understand what the client is asking for in the assignment otherwise he or she may think that the writer has not understood the writing well. Be to the point and do not put excess information unnecessarily. That will just waste your time but you will get nothing in return. Moreover, you can get negative reviews for your writing. Be sure to concentrate on the material which has been asked to write. Do not complicate the sentences and do not make the assignment bulky unnecessarily.

Make short paragraphs of 3-4 lines only so that reader continuously enjoys the reading of assignment. Long paragraphs make the reading boring and ultimately break the attention of the reader. Do not make long sentences as they are difficult to understand in short period of time

Arrange the matter in bullets or points form so that it looks fascinating and interesting to read. Try to ask some questions in the written task; that will make the reader have attention towards the matter.

Lots of software tools are available in the market, use the one client recommended like some use Turnitin report whereas some use Grammarly to check the plagiarism. You can also take the help of other tools like paper rater. These tools will tell you where you have committed the mistakes so that you correct them before resubmitting the assignment. If there is any additional guideline provided by the client, make sure that you adhere to it.

Do not ever breach the deadline as that creates the wrong impression and makes you unprofessional in the eyes of the client. Even if you write according to all the instructions and requirements but do not submit the task before or on deadline, you have wasted the time. The client will not get any remarks for delayed submission so he or she will not be happy to pay you. Plus it will create a strong negative image for other clients also.

Sometimes you have to write from the third person and sometimes from the first person as well. You have to be specific in your writing in this regard so that the written assignment targets the intended person. You need to write the matter as has been specified. You must know about these preferences so as to make your writing good.

Generally, the academic assignments require the references at the end of the task. Put the references in the style the client has asked. You must put at least 3-4 references so that your writing looks research based. You need not be too specific in this regard, jut put the references in the style asked and get the attention of the reader. Make sure that Wikipedia is not the source or any reference so do not add that in your references.

Proofread your article before resubmission. You will come to know about your mistakes if you have committed any. It will tell you about the language you had to follow and the actual language written by you. you will be able to realize whether the assignment is boring to read or it has some interactive points. No software tool will check if you have completely adhered to guidelines, this you will have to do yourself by proofreading. Also, you will come to know if you have followed all the requirements; you have not left any requirement deliberately as censuring for the same thing time and again will have deleterious effects and will lower your confidence also. You will also come to know about the formatting if you have followed the material structure as recommended.

Some other points which are to remember is that be soft while you talk to the client but do not ever make him realize your fears related to writing. Everyone has the potential, there is need to remove the fear from mind and hearts so that you think properly and apply your mind in writing the task. Even if you are afraid, do not let that know to the client as the client will try to find out more mistakes in your written assignment as he or she will have less confidence in you. Talk only to the points things with the client, be professional, not friendly, do not crack any joke before the approval of the task. It will bring generosity and professionalism to your work.

To make the client satisfied, you can also send him the screenshots of reports from software tools like no plagiarism report, no grammar mistake report etc. that will create the positive environment to talk to the client and if the client submit these screenshots along with the written assignment, he or she will be able to fetch good grades. Plus, it will increase your confidence level. You will be appraised from every corner and will be able to write the assignments without any fear.

These all things must be remembered if you are in a profession of academic writing. Talented person should open up and show your talent to the world. If you have knowledge but you do not use it frequently, that is the foolish thing. Use and spread your knowledge so that everyone takes advantage of your knowledge. If you follow all these steps, the client will get good marks and you will also get praised. There are many sites which you can join, which will provide you a regular and good amount of work.

Do not bother about the view from pessimistic people who will always try to make you fall to the ground. There can be bad reviews as well but learn from those reviews and get you assignment rectified yourself. You can try writing the assignment before working on the final version. Though it will cost your time but will make you sure that you’re your assignment is perfect for every aspect and you will be able to resubmit the assignment without any vacillation.

Your confidence level will automatically enhance the quality of assignment; you will be able to concentrate better on the assignment and its requirements. You need to get some confidence; that will come only if you know you have written the right content in a specified manner. Just grab the attention of the reader and get good remarks. This is the profession you can follow if you have the passion for writing. Moreover, pay scale is also good. Another benefit is that you can work from the comfort of your home as a freelancer. But if you like to go outside for work, you can join any company as the part-time or full-time job.